'Augmented Costa Blanca', the project with which Alicante tourism enters the metaverse

February 8 the 2023

The statement from the provincial institution explains that this proposal is based on the evolution of digital culture. And with it they intend to increase the service capacity and modernization of the sector, the reach of different public profiles, as well as the visibility and reputation of the destination. For this reason, the president of the Provincial Council of Alicante, Carlos Mazón, has assured that tourists "are prepared to make the leap to an immersive experience of the Costa Blanca destination."

Where will it apply? As some actions progress, they are transferred to the MARQ, such as an intelligent museum, the implementation of signage on the GR-330 inland route, the installation of interactive totems at the accesses to the Costa Blanca or the development of a destination management platform.

Mazón has revealed that this initiative "will allow us to position the province of Alicante as a cutting-edge destination, through a leap into the metaverse at the hands of Tertiary Advanced and Telefónica". Regarding the latter, he highlighted that "in recent times it has established alliances with leaders in the virtual world such as Microsoft, Unity or Niantic".

Augmented Costa Blanca focuses attention on an ecosystem made up of different virtual environments and technological resources that manage to enhance the encounter between two realities, tourism and the virtual, in order to increase the number of visitors, improve communication and Customer experience.

As the president has advanced, "the presence of the Costa Blanca in the metaverse has the capacity to increase the visibility of our destination, as well as travel reservations, but it also allows us to optimize efficiency and the ability to analyze the evolution and propose improvements in different areas.

Source: El español


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